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Pease use our agent express booker to make an enquiry about any of our homestay courses.
It’s very quick and easy to use and you only need give limited information.
This booker can be used just as an enquiry and there is no obligation to take the booking further.
The agent detailed booking gives us the most information with regard to the student requirements and is very useful for us to match the student more specifically with the most suitable teacher to match their needs.
As an agent you only fill in the fields you wish to and do not have to give student details.
Please feel free to go to our agent rates page to check out our generous agent rates of 20% the total course price.
You get access to the agent rate page by going to the Agent Rate Access page  where you get instructions as to how to access the Agent Rate Page or click on the link above.
The agent quick booker is useful if you would like to give a little more information with regard to the course the student is interested in.
Please fill in the form giving us the information you wish to give us so that we can match the student with a suitable teacher in their desired location.
European Homestay is looking for Private Agents worldwide. Working with European Homestay as an Agent can be rewarding financially while at the same time giving you job satisfaction and independence. You will be working freelance with flexible hours.  The position will require you to market our high quality homestay courses to schools and businesses in the geographical area that you reside in.  How far you move into surrounding areas is up to you and your own capabilities.

If you would like to apply to join our team of private agents please fill in our online application form after reading the  Agent Information  and Schools and Agents Information.


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